Q: How do I know what bird is right for me?
A: Determining what will be the right bird for you and your family situation, lifestyle, personality and budget can be a confusing decision for many people. We at the Parrot and Bird Emporium are here to help make this process easier and less stressful for you.
- What size bird is best for you?
- What behavior or temperament are you looking for that will fit your lifestyle?
- What are the nutrition and maintenance requirements for the bird you choose?
- What is your budget?
- What is the parrot's lifespan?
We at the Parrot and Bird Emporium understand your concerns. Each parrot has his unique personality and traits. And how will you find the right fit? We hear you and have designed a program that educates you about the bird that you are purchasing from us while still embracing our integrity towards our birds. No matter where you live in the US, we want you (the new owner) to have the experience that you would have in our store. You become a part of our family.
We will work very close with you and listen to your individual situation and guide you through this process. We provide one on one consultation to our new owners and will provide videos of your baby throughout the hand feeding and early learning stages of your parrot's life, so when your baby arrives you will know his characteristics and be fully aware of how to handle him. And it doesn't end there - We will also supply you with the tools so your baby's first weeks and months will be a smooth transition. We also offer one on one training via Skype, which will allow you and your parrot to be trained in the convenience of your own living room. We take this very seriously and feel that the more education we provide you, the better relationship you will have with your feathered friend. Our experience of hand-raising and training almost every species of parrots along with our positive reinforcement approach provides you, the new owner, with a strong foundation. Our goal is to provide both you and your new bird with a long loving and fulfilling life together.
Q: Is my bird male or female?
A: In most cases we actually don't know! Some species can have their sex determined by the color of their plumage, like parakeets and the easily sexed Eclectus Parrot (the males are green, the females red). These birds are called dimorphic.

Most of the birds that we raise and sell, however are monomorphic, meaning that you cannot visually determine the sex of your bird. In this case, if you are looking to breed your bird, or just want to be sure, we do offer off-site DNA testing.

Testing cost $40 and takes about a week to get the results back. You will receive the results and a certificate confirming the sex of your bird.
Q: Do you offer shipping?
A: We offer shipping to all of the 50 states, but no international shipping. Your bird will travel in a climate controlled pet cargo area and arrive in an airline-approved carrier at the closest major airport to your location. Our birds fly commercial aircraft and we will furnish you in advance with flight numbers and times, as well as a reference number to identify your bird.

We will make all arrangements. You will need your reference number as well as a picture id to claim your bird at the airport. You will pick up your bird at the airport as if you were picking up a friend!
Q: How much will it cost to ship my bird?
A: We ship at a flat rate of $160.00 USD to the closest major airport to your location. You may pay by check, money order, or over the phone with a credit card. Be advised you will also need to purchase an airline-approved carrier (we can recommend and advise you on this) for your new friend's journey, as well as any supplies your bird may require along the way (food etc.) in order to preserve nutritional continuity and make his transition from our home to yours as painless as possible.
Q: Is it safe to ship my bird?
A: At the Parrot and Bird Emporium, we love our birds and would never put them at risk. We will not ship in the winter months if the temperature is less than 45 degrees. Rest assured, your bird will be well taken care of during his journey home to meet you!
Q: What is the difference between weand and un-weaned?
A: Baby birds are pulled from their parents and we, in essence become their new "moms". Just like human babies, these bird need help with feeding. We feed our birds formula by syringe until they can eat on their own.

We WILL NOT sell un-weaned birds, nor would we force a bird to wean. The time-frame for weaning is different in each bird. When the bird has repeatedly refused formula and gained back it's weight on solid food, we will consider it "weaned".

If your bird is not properly weaned, it may scream and bite. Please be patient - both you and your bird will be happier!
Q: Can I purchase other bird-related items?
A: We sell a full range of toys, cages, perches, and any other bird-related supplies. We are also very knowledgable in helping you pick out the proper size cage for the type of bird you are purchasing and one that will last for years.

We can also send a box or "care package" to set up your bird with favorite toys etc. that he is familiar with to make his transition from our store to your home an easy one.

We will ship directly to your home address (in some cases offering free shipping). Call us at (413) 569-5555 and let us know what you need!