"The staff and the owner are simple wonderful people. You know by them every bird that they raise or sell is part of their family. It was my first visit and I was simply amazed how they handle all the customers and their feathered family. I will be back and hoping to own a White Belly Caique soon. Thank you for your amazing store!!"

Kevin Herlihy

"I purchased my yellow sided green cheek conure 'McFly' last year. The process of waiting for him to wean gave me many opportunities to discuss my parrot's needs with the extremely knowledgeable staff. Properly caring for a parrot is far more work than I had thought, and when I brought him home I was actually ready. They prepared me for all the challenges that have come and I highly recommend The Emporium!"

Matt Jenkins

"I'm happy I found this place responsible people very clean and organized. They take great care of the birds. My GCC loved it."

Ana Sanchez

"I was amazed how staff give you all the information you need to raise your Parrot theyre so professionals very polite I recommend Emporium best bird place to get your family pet"

Juan Ramos

"The best place for birds. Hand-raised and clearly loved. They also offer training classes to help you bond with your new friend. The staff is the best around."

Jennifer Delisle Ruddock

"i can not tell you enough about this place except for 1 thing you have to make this your go to spot. Everyone is super friendly theres so many options from training to boarding to cages and accesorries. If you havent been here you need to go. Also i would love to thank you guys again for helping me make a keepsake that will last a lifetime for helping me get the imprint of my lil dinosaurs feet."

Briana Liswell

"The Bird & Parrot Emporium is AMAZING! It is a 3 hour drive for me one way but I visited once a week for 5 weeks until our bird was ready to come home. The staff is really friendly and so helpful. They make getting a bird such a fun experience! All the bird there are so well behaved and they do a great job hand taming them. They answered all my question and made sure I had everything I needed. Before bringing your bird home you sit through an informational class. They do everything they possibly can to set you and your feathered friend up for a successful happy life together. I brought my bird home today and she did great on the long trip. I let her settle in her travel cage for 30 minutes, put her in her cage for 30 minutes and then held her. She stepped right up and wanted to hang out just like we have been doing at the store. She’s is eating, drinking, playing and being silly! I am so happy I found this place and only wish I lived closer so I could visit more! Thank you so much for my amazing little girl (name TBD)!!!"

Kate Thurston

"Janet and staff are fantastic!  We drove from Belmont to buy out son his baby love bird.  He is a loving, adorable family member and we give all the credit to this amazing group at the Emporium!"

Betsey McLaughlin - Belmont, Massachusetts

"I fell in love wth the sun conure after a friend told me about her being able to snuggle with her conure.  I am a bird lover and want to snuggle oo.  I have been searching all over online for a local breeder who is hands-on with these birds because I was not sure if the birds from Petco would be as affectionate with humans.  I have had no luck finding a breeder that I could totally trust... until now!  This place was recommended to me by a close friend's daughter and to my surprise it is the PERFECT place to get a bird from.  I am so impressed with their approach on raising the birds.  It is different than anything I have ever seen before and I plan to visit the store very often as they recommend to see if my new bird finds me!  I can't wait.  This place should be at the top of the directory!"

Jasmine Lopez - Springfield, Massachusetts

"Your store is fantastic!  I recommend this establishment to new bird owners and experienced bird owners alike!"

Danny Lee Marshberg -

"Fantastic Clicker training classes!  Their techniques worked for both our birds.  My Conure (who took the class with me, and even my little Budgie, can now do lots of very amusing tricks!  Janet and Deb did a great job in explaining the essentials and breaking tricks down to easy steps that really made learning fun for me and my birds.  I highly recommend taking the classes!"

Erin Seder - Stafford Springs, Connecticut

"Great lady to help you train your Bird plus if you go on a trip She can take care of your Bird for a small fee. Need Vet check for disease free bird before bringing bird for boarding."

Annie Rios - Springfield, Massachusetts