Bird and Parrot Boarding

Royal Treatment for your feathered
friend while you are away!
The Parrot and Bird Emporium is pleased to announce Long and Short term avian boarding! Here are just some of the benefits of boarding your bird with The Parrot and Bird Emporium:
  • Variety of fresh vegetables provided daily 
  • Dry food and water changed twice daily 
  • Cages are cleaned daily with natural, bird safe, and environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Out of cage time daily
  • Daily showers and baths provided 
  • Night lights provided 
All boarding birds must have their current health certificate for the safety of all of our Avian friends. All birds must arrive in a carrier. You must prove proof of a culture within the past 12 months, and psittacosis testing within the past two years is also required. If you have tested your bird recently using our services, your file will be stored, and no proof is needed. All drop-offs and pick-ups are by appointment.

We provide cages or you can bring your own, with perches. Owners are required to bring at least two toys for your bird's entertainment, as mental stimulation is very important. We ask that you bring anything you feel your bird's stay more comfortable. You may want to provide a list of words, phrases, or songs your bird can say so we may use them and make him or her feel at home. We provide all food for a well-rounded diet, but you are free to bring anything additional, such as your bird's favorite snacks.