Our Services

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fantastic method of training and taming your pet parrot, and a great way to enrich your parrot's life.

Bird and Parrot Boarding

Need a place for your feathered friend to stay while out of town? The Parrot & Bird Emporium is just the place to help you out.

Wing Clipping

We provide Wing Clipping services by appointment.

Nail Clipping

Nail Trimming services provided by appointment.

Parrot 101 - Birdie Basics

Learn the basics of working with your parrot, and the importance of training and structure - Learn about your bird's body language and ques, teach your bird to step up nicely, stay on a hand while traveling, willingly go into and out of the cage, and other essential good manners. Call the store with inquiries, or to reserve a spot, as classes fill up quickly.

Choosing a Bird

Buying a bird is a long term commitment and a choice not to be taken lightly. Some birds have a life span as long or longer than humans. Therefore we encourage you to carefully research and spend time with us at The Parrot and Bird Emporium before making your decision,(for both your benefit and the benefit of your new feathered friend).