Wing Clipping

The purpose of wing-clipping is to reduce a bird's ability to fly. There are many reason some owners trim the flight feathers, such as preventing escape by flight if it ends up outdoors, to slow a bird that is prone to crashing into walls and windows, or for birds with a knack for getting into things that may be dangerous around the house. It also is recommended for a new bird in the home until the bird and family adjust.

Techniques for clipping the wings differ from specie to specie and vary primarily in the number of feathers cut, and the amount of each feather left behind. The Parrot And Bird Emporium will take great care to clip the feathers required for lift, so that the bird may flutter and land gently without getting too high or too far. Wing trims are neither painful nor permanent, and trimmed flight feathers will molt over time, allowing for new flight feathers to grow in their place.

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