Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fantastic method of training and taming your pet parrot, and a great way to enrich your parrot's life. It can be used effectively on every type of parrot, from the smallest Parakeet to the largest Macaw. Clicker training is the most effective way to instill good behaviors in your feathered friend, and is a wonderful way for you both to bond. Parrots do not automatically come into our homes understanding how to be great companions. Clicker training helps to bridge the communication gap. Using positive reinforcement you can help even the most challenging parrot become more trusting, confident, and happy. If you are looking for a better way to understand and communicate with your parrot then clicker training is for you!

Clicker training can be used to alter any sort of behavior and bring out the very best in your bird. From overcoming shyness, biting, screaming or fearfulness to entertaining yourself and your bird with endless games and fun tricks, clicker training can enrich the relationship between you and your bird.

The possibilities are endless! We use only positive reinforcement methods based on the most up to date animal behavioral science. There is no force or coercion of any kind. The birds love it and so do we. Avian behavior and training is our focus!
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